How Can A Home Inspection Help You Sell Your Home?

Most people believe that home inspections are only useful for home buyers, but inspections can be invaluable to home sellers and here’s how:

  • Use the ultimate marketing tool to sell your home quickly: a clean inspection report.>
  • Be alerted to immediate health & safety issues.
  • Understand all pros/cons of the merchandise you’re presenting to buyers.
  • Price your home realistically based on discovered problems, or lack thereof.
  • Fix discovered issues to make house show better.
  • Take your time and shop for competitive repair estimates to eliminate inflated buyer-procured estimates from negotiations.
  • Offering buyers an unbiased, third-party inspection report is the ultimate gesture of forthrightness to relieve a prospective buyer’s unfounded suspicions before they walk away.
  • Lightens negotiations & 11th hr re-negotiations.
  • Deal is less likely to fall apart, as often happens, when a buyer’s inspection unexpectedly reveals last-minute problems.

For tips on selling your house, download this free e-book entitled: “How To Quickly Sell Your Home For More, Avoid Costly Mistakes, And Walk Away With More Money”.

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A professional home inspection will help you identify the current functionality of any given home, as well as help you anticipate issues that may occur in the future if maintenance does not take place.

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