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When you hire Rosie Home Inspections to perform a visual home inspection, you’re off to a great start in understanding the condition of your prospective property, but there are still some things you’ll likely want to know about the house that a visual inspection is not able to identify.

That’s why we are proud to offer our clients the Rosie Home Inspections Safe Home Package, which adds radon testing and mold testing services to your visual home inspection!

When you order the our Safe Home Package, we’ll be able to let you know if radon levels in the house exceed the safety limit set by the EPA, and if the presence of dangerous mold spores are present in the air.

We are excited to be able to offer this unique, full-service safety package to our home inspection clients at a discount when these services are added to a visual home inspection! Call today for a quote.

For additional information concerning the health risks of high radon levels and mold growth in the home, follow the provided links.

Add radon testing and mold testing to your visual home inspection at a discounted rate! Call for a quote.

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A professional home inspection will help you identify the current functionality of any given home, as well as help you anticipate issues that may occur in the future if maintenance does not take place.

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