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Why Get My Home Inspected If I'm Not Planning To Sell?

Even if you're not in the buying/selling market at this point in time, if you own your own home or rental properties, you still may greatly benefit from a Home Inspection.


Having your home inspected every 1-3 years is an inexpensive way to identify and correct all kinds of maintenance issues that might otherwise cause deterioration to the property over time.


Don't wait for major issues, such as foundation deterioration or water intrusion to clearly show themselves before finding the root cause. Many issues, if identified early on, can be easily fixed as opposed to being allowed to fester and become safety hazards or expensive construction repairs. 


A professional home inspection may even serve to identify a situation that exists that has not yet caused damage, but has the potential to cause damage or a health hazard in the future, such as an improperly installed chimney flashing that could eventually allow water intrusion at the roof structure, or a deteriorated gas pipe that may soon develop pin hole leaks.


Consider having a routine maintenance inspection performed each autumn to ensure maximum home safety & efficiency before cold weather sets in.