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Whether you’re a home owner, a home seller, or are in the process of buying a home, these resources provided by Rosie Home Inspections will be valuable tools for maintaining your home or preparing it for re-sale. 

Being a home owner can be a highly rewarding experience. Aside from purchasing a real estate investment, owning your own home can provide you with a great sense of security, pride and power. But with great power comes great responsibility, and that’s exactly what a home is: a responsibility that will require a lot of WORK!

You’re responsible for the health and functionality of your home. If you protect and maintain it responsibly, it will loyally serve you for many years in all kinds of weather. However, if you neglect to anticipate it’s needs and care for it, it will become unreliable. It’s systems will fail: it’s foundation may crumble, it’s roof may fall, and it’s structure may deteriorate.

The resources found in this section are meant to aid you in maintaining your home and keeping yourself and your family safe. Happy reading!

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Home Owner Health, Safety & Maintenance Articles

Home Education

Just as important as finding a reliable house is being educated on how to care for that house. Beyond being accomplished InterNACHI Home Inspectors, we are ardent Home Educators, believing that a 30-page inspection report doesn’t mean very much unless it is thoroughly explained to the client.

So what exactly do we provide as Home Educators beyond performing a run-of-the-mill-home inspection? Just as a first time driver needs to learn how to maneuver their vehicle and understand the importance of changing the oil and replacing windshield wiper blades, so also home buyers must learn how their house operates and understand the importance of routine care and maintenance in order to be successful home owners.

As Home Educators, we will:

  • Express the importance of ongoing home maintenance and provide a seasonal maintenance checklist.
  • Identify the location of the main electrical, gas and water shutoffs, as well as where to find the furnace filter and explain the importance of regular replacement/cleaning.
  • Explain service life expectancies and provide a chart for the common life span of each system/component in the home.
  • Explain the dangers of moisture penetration into the building envelope, which is the most common cause of home deterioration.
  • Thoroughly explain all existing issues found during the home inspection and the implications of these issues, and answer any questions they may have, even after the day of the inspection.


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Home Education is especially important for First Time Home Buyers, as well as folks trying to sell their home – you must know your product in order to sell it with confidence at your full asking price.​

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A professional home inspection will help you identify the current functionality of any given home, as well as help you anticipate issues that may occur in the future if maintenance does not take place.

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