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Why Get a Home Inspection Before Purchasing a Home?

So you've scrimped and saved and thought and prayed and now you're ready to buy a house: CONGRATULATIONS!! This is the biggest purchase of your life and your realtor has helped you pinpoint the perfect house. Now what?!

​To insure you truly have found your dream home, you'll need to call in the big guns i.e. a licensed home inspector! 

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a seasoned property connoisseur, buying a house can be extremely stressful,
especially when you don’t understand all of the pros/cons of the property you’re buying.

A detailed, professional home inspection won’t relieve your stress entirely, but it will definitely aid in putting your mind at ease on questions of existing problems with major components / systems of the home.                                   

The last thing you want is to be surprised by major deficiencies / malfunctions AFTER you've signed away the next 30-years of your life.

We at Rosie Home Inspections believe you should leave surprises to the party planners of the world and know exactly what you're buying!​​

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